Lyn's Story

I have been an artist for most of my 75 years. I was born  to create. I have an innate, compelling desire to bring beauty into the world, and share it with others.


When I was  9 years old I watched my grandmother, Nannie, crocheting potholders. I was fascinated, so she gave me a hook and taught me how to use it.  I have crocheted ever since, making hats, scarves and shawls. I love fibers and find them from all over the world.  (Therefore I call my crochet biz "Yarn Safari").  You will feel warm, cozy, stylish, and beautiful all at the same time when wearing my creations. Each piece is unique, designed with quality yarns  to give you joy and comfort for a lifetime.  (After 60+ years I still have the crocheted hot plate/ potholders my Nannie made for me.)

While studying in college for my Art Education degree I began making jewelry.

Making and selling jewelry pushed crochet to the back burner as I opened stores in partnership with Jim Foley, the fine jeweler I married. Jim & I worked for 43 years together, creating jewelry giving customers  style, beauty and joy. All of our pieces were created one by one, each unique, just as you are.

My book, Go Anyway: Sailing Around the World with Parkinson's, is the inspiring true story of the 12 year sailing journey I accomplished with Jim. Follow this link to buy the book and discover more details about our amazing circumnavigation despite his Parkinson's disease.

Jim sailed on into death in 2018, and I remained on land to begin a new adventure. In 2020 I reconnected and made a life commitment  with a love from long ago, Gene Borre`. After moving to join Gene  on his Lazy B Bar ranch in Wyoming, I built a new studio for myself. I no longer lampwork glass beads, but create new jewelry styles, continuing to bring you beauty, joy and pleasure with each piece. ( I will have some remaining pieces I made with glass beads I created in 2017 for sale until all are used. )

The beauty of Wyoming calls out to me, and I have added watercolors to my creative mediums. The flowers and grasses,  the ever changing seasons and landscapes of Wyoming inspire me, and it will be a pleasure to introduce you to my environment in paintings.


Love is my guide. Thank you for sharing my joy of living and creating art.